It is with great shock and sadness we share the following news: Very early in the morning on Saturday October 19, 2019 longtime Shorthair breeders, exhibitors Dianna James and her husband Carey lost their entire home and four of their beloved dogs in a tragic fire. Dianna was in California with Elke for Shows, but Carey barely made it out with his life. Thankfully he is uninjured. They are staying with longtime friends John and Jan Bradfeldt trying to slowly pick up the pieces and accept their new reality.

We know many who know them both as personal friends, through their active life with dogs or Dianna’s long and successful dog show activities will want to help in any way possible.

Needless to say, any help will be appreciated as they begin this long journey back.

The GSPCofWA has set up PayPal buttons to help facilitate donations for Dianna and Carey James.

(A small PayPal fee has been added to the button so that the James receive the entire amount donated)

Thank you for your Donation!


Lost in Tragic Fire

The home and 4 beloved GSPs of

Dianna and Carey James of Eugene, OR

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