Our mission is help find homes for this wonderful breed whether they have been turned over to us by their owners or we find them in area shelters. The reasons they are turned over to us are often beyond the dog's control and he or she is simply in need of a new home. This may be because their family went through a divorce, a move or a death in the family or simply could not keep the dog any longer. People have the misconception that dogs that come through rescue are throw-away dogs which must have training or social problems. Fortunately, is most cases that is not true. If an owner turns a dog over to us, we get as much information as possible so that we can form the best possible match with a new family.

Our goal is to make the match a permanent a one time move for the dog. In the case of dogs that we rescue from animal shelters, we put these dogs into foster homes for a minimum of three to six weeks and in some cases longer depending on the dog. During this time, we give the dog basic obedience training and evaluate how the dog gets along in family situations with adults, children, other dogs, and cats. We have the potential adopter fill an application and then we go through the process of matching the family with the best dog. Generally we look for people that have a fenced yard, where will the dog be during the day and during the night, do they own their own home or do they have permission from their landlord and what do they want the dog for. When we think we have a good match, we call the potential family and have them meet the dog. This meeting occurs at the owner's or foster owner's home. The potential adopter is then asked to go home and spend some time thinking about how this dog will fit into their family. If they want to adopt the dog, we have the them pick up the dog and have a trial period over a weekend. Usually, once people bring dogs home, they very rarely bring them back. In case people have a dog in their life already, we have the foster owner bring the dog and the new adopters bring their dog to a neutral area such as a park for them to meet ahead of time. This allows the dogs to get to know each other before they go the adopted dog's new home.

So how can you get started if you are interested in adopting? Please contact http://www.spdrdogs.org/contact.html

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