SPORTSMAN’S ·SHOW ···Wednesday Jan. 27th through Sunday, Jan. 31st, 2016

GSPC SIGN UP SHEET ··(Please list a first and second preference) ·I

will send out a final schedule on January 18). ·If your first

preference time is already spoken for, I will e-mail or call you to

verify availability of your second choice. ·Please include your cell

phone number on this listing. ·If you are delayed in arriving at your

scheduled time, you will need to contact the individual covering the

booth in the preceding time slot. ·The trade show personnel will not

notify of changes as they have done in preceding years.


Please respond to the following e-mail address:

Sporting dog booths will be in the Pavilion as in previous years.

Please bring clean up bags for use after dogs relieve themselves.

Paper towels, dog dish and water will be available in the booth. ·A

table with necessary information on the club, a dog crate and chairs

will also be there. We are limited to a maximum of six tickets per

day. ·Each time frame is requested to have two dogs and a minimum of

two exhibitors to cover the time slot. ·Each day will be divided into

2 time frames except Saturday which will have 3 time frames. ·Thanks

in advance to everyone who volunteers. This has always been a

successful and fun event.


The booth is provided for club use for the purpose of public education

about the GSP. ·In order to avoid any impression of conflict, no dogs

of less than 12 weeks of age will be permitted on display in the GSPCW

booth. ·No sale of dogs or other products is to occur during the hours

neither of the show nor on the grounds where the show is held. (GSPCW

policy established 2/6/2010).


Exhibitors will be required to show identification in order to claim

your entrance ticket at the WILL CALL DESK. ·I need to leave a list

with show promoters on Wednesday, January ·27th, so if there are any last

minute changes, let me know before noon on Tuesday.


Thank you,


Sarah Purdin

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Wednesday January 27th, 2016 through Sunday, January 31st, 2016


Please contact Sarah to sign up to man our GSPCofWA booth!


WA State Fair Event Center

Hours Wed-Fri 12 noon to 8 pm

Sat - 10 am to 8 pm

Sun - 10 am to 4 pm

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