GSP - The Pro's & Con's


Many people look to acquire a German Shorthair because there was one in the family when they were younger. They want a good hunting dog and they would like to add a pet to the household. They like the looks of the dog and because of those reasons; they set off on the trek to buy their new puppy. The GSPC of WA would like to give you additional information to help you with this choice.


You are going to own a dog that arguably is in the top 20% of ALL breeds in energy level. Add to this factor that they are, as dogs go, an intelligent animal. Put these 2 factors together, and if you don’t physically and mentally challenge your dog on a regular basis, they will find an outlet for themselves, and you probably won’t like it. These dogs need to RUN! Taking a GSP out for a walk on a leash is useless. They need a field, park or ranch in order to run off leash for a good 30-45 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week. Because of their intelligence, they need to be well trained. They are able to learn quickly but will try to outwit their trainer in order to do what they want to do. Training needs to be constant and consistent. They perceive their world through their nose. They are constantly sniffing around to find out anything new. Some can be notorious chewers.

An average German Shorthair will weigh 45 pounds or more. A very active dog of this size can cause havoc in the house by simply running around. They are curious and excitable so a good romp around the house is always a treat. Make sure fragile items are put out of reach and any overhanging items (Tablecloths, plants etc.) are out of the way should your dog go on an energy outburst. These outbursts are common!


The GSP is born, bred and lives for 2 purposes, to please its owner and to find game. You will be hard pressed to find a dog that will be attached to you more than the GSP. They will alert the entire neighborhood with glee whenever you arrive. Not only does the tail wag at the mere sight, sound or smell of you, this is one dog where the tail actually does wag the dog!

We are biased towards GSP’s, but their reputation states that they are the most versatile hunting dog around. We agree. They will run looking for their quarry until you are ready to call it a day. Then they will be more than happy to do it again the next day. Many shorthairs, in spite of their size, think they are lap dogs. The image of your hunting dog napping at your feet after a days run is true. Many of them would prefer your lap to the floor, and many GSP owners oblige. They want their master next to them. They are tremendously loyal and loving dogs.

The GSP is also known for having a non-aggressive nature (always exceptions to any rule). If well socialized when young, they are tremendously friendly dogs. Please understand that they are prey driven and many GSPÕs do not do well around smaller pets i.e. cats, rodents etc. Again, if well socialized when young, this problem can be reduced.

This information has been collected to help you make an informed decision on the German Shorthair. Far too many of these outstanding dogs show up at animal rescues simply because the owner was not aware of what having a German Shorthair entails and are unable to manage one.